Video Reviews

Check out the video reviews below, from Jake on “Shanktuary”. The first is his original review, posted on June 24, 2017, and the second is one year later, posted on Dec. 18, 2018.



IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!

Brother in Christ Jesus I thank the Lord for your invention of the NoSaggs belt. It’s amazing how the Lord works. A couple of weeks ago I was praying throughout the day that the Lord would help me with my situation of having the saggies. As a worker in the construction field and quite a bit of interaction with customers, I was finding myself constantly “rearranging” because of not having enough back end to hold up my britches. Then one day I saw your ad and I ordered it almost immediately. I received it this past Wednesday and have worn it the past 2 days and I am thanking GOD for HIS using you to create this product.

I cannot thank you enough for this belt, and I just wanted to drop you a short email to thank you for it, and to say GOD BLESS YOU !!!!!!

B. L.

Dear James,
You and I had a phone call a week or so ago, and I had doubts that your NoSaggs device would work for me. After our conversation, I ordered it at once, and it was delivered timely. After a few tries, I got it on right, and have worn it every day since. It’s perfect. I just wanted to say thank you very much for coming up with it and bringing it to market. All I can say is thank you. I hope you bring it to market on a wider basis. I looked at many junk items on the internet before I found your product. So thank you again, I am recommending it to everyone I know who would benefit.

Anson J.

Received my NoSaggs belt on 2/20/18. Wore on 2/21 and again today 2/22/18
I am 67 yrs. old, weigh 155 lbs. and am 5’7″. In my younger years, I was 5’9″ and weighed between 165 and 187. I have always had the disease but since 60, it has gone to a later stage. (“Noasitol”) I don’t have a gut pushing my pants down, just no hips or butt to keep them up.

I did not have to try for 3 days, lay down, or learn how to wear this device. From the start, it kept my pants up and shirt tucked in, very comfortably I might add, and with the additional benefit of some back support. Day 2, the same results.
My job, in retirement, involves golf cart attendant, pulling, loading, unloading, and putting up golf bags. Maintaining a large on-site practice facility, picking, cleaning and restocking golf balls. So it’s not a sedentary test. I can finally give my suspenders, of every color and configuration, to someone who only likes to wear them and thinks they are attractive.

Mr. “K” from Australia wrote to say…
I am currently using the ‘NoSaggs’ you sent me and with great success. I can now find other things to do with my hands given they are no longer needed to constantly hitch up my pants.
I have told many people about the product.
Thank you for this product.

Hello from Canada, just across the friendly border! I just bought a NoSaggs off of Amazon. I came home and tried it on…It just Works…Period! I just ordered a spare. God Bless and Thank You! – Tom F.

I’ve been wearing the NoSaggs for a couple of weeks now and I think it’s great!

I did a search of Sagging pants and found your website. I ordered the NoSaggs and have been wearing them for two days now! Needless to say, they are life changing since I recently lost 50 lbs. and struggle to keep jeans, dress pants, & shorts from sliding down. It is so frustrating to constantly keep pulling my pants up all day long. Thank you for your product, it truly is a pleasure to wear and so nice not to keep adjusting my clothes all day long. – Chris

I wore the NoSaggs to church last evening. I love it. I’ve got it on today. Plan on wearing it from now on or until the rapture. I only have one question…What does one do with all the time no longer spent pulling up ones pants? God bless. Thanks for such a wonderful solution to the problem of sagging pants. – Joe S.

Your “NoSaggs Hidden Belt & Pant Suspender” is simple and easy to use. I wanted your product as soon as I saw it. I thought I wanted it, but my wife says I needed it. I wish I had this product decades ago. The law enforcement community could really benefit with all the weight they carry on their duty belts as well as CCW holders and us EXTRA LARGE guys. Thank You and Be Safe

I wanted to write and tell you that I tested several brands and the NoSaggs™ outperformed all other brands. Out of the 4 brands that I tried, One was very complicated to use and only worked with a 1” belt, and didn’t do a very good job. The second only worked with shirts that are worn outside the pants. The third that I tried worked fairly well with tucked in shirts, but they tended to pop out frequently. And lastly, the NoSaggs™ turned out to be the best of all. I like and prefer the NoSaggs™ because they are simple to use, work with any size belt, and allow you to wear your shirt tail out or tucked in without popping out. – Mr.L

Upon spying my grandfather’s suspenders as we ate lunch, this kind fellow approached us and gave us both business cards. He told us about NoSaggs and explained how they work.

My grandfather bought one that day. I got mine a few days later and put it to the test. It was a rigorous test as I was laying tile for my brother. Over several days of bending, kneeling, standing, stretching and lifting; I found that NoSaggs performed much better than I could have anticipated. No matter what I did or how hard I worked, NoSaggs did exactly what Mr. Allbright said they would and they did it comfortably. So comfortably, in fact, that I often forget that I’m wearing it.

This product is a must have for any man who is tired of hiking up his jeans or wearing suspenders. – Anthony

I just wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with the NoSaggs. I wanted to wait and wear it to work for a week and see how they performed. I couldn’t be more pleased. I am very active at work, up and down ladders bent over and squatting a lot. If I’ve had to reach back and pull up my pants this week I don’t remember it. Thanks again for coming up with a solution for those of us who tug at our pants all day.- Chris

James, Your invention is the answer to the problem. I conducted an experiment using the exact same pair of jeans I used the day before to work on some landscape lighting. Before No-Saggs I had to pull up the jeans before bending my knees to work on the light. My jeans would sag and my only option was to point that view at the bushes to get the job done. The next day the No-Saggs arrived and before long I had it on. I went back to the landscape lighting and there was no sagging problems, it worked just like you said.

I have been dealing with the sag problem for quite a while and I will tell all my friends about the No-Saggs solution. Thanks again for your brilliant idea to market the best clothing item since tennis shoes.- Bill

“I was sick of hiking my pants up all the time. I give your NoSaggs a AA+ rating.” – John

“I did not like the NoSaggs…I LOVED it and will recommend it to everybody whose pants don’t want to stay up. I fell in love with it as soon as I put it on. Thank you for telling me about the NoSaggs solution to a lifelong problem.” – Mr. S.

“I really like the NoSaggs!! I don’t have to tighten my belt up so tight to hold my pants up. Also, it is very comfortable to wear. I’m spreading the word about NOSAGGS!! Thanks for turning me on to it!” – Bill

“I like the freedom of the No Saggs. I feel like I appear as my grandfather did 50 years ago with my suspenders on wandering around town. I don’t think old men in suspenders get the respect they deserve!!!!! I would definitely recommend your NoSaggs product if the wearer is committed to looking better.” – Mr. B.

“Wanted to let you know I really appreciate you sending the No Saggs – it arrived today and as soon as my husband opened it he put it on and enjoyed not having to pull at his pants.” – Mrs. H.

“I wanted to write and tell you about my experience with my new NoSaggs. I received them on Friday and immediately tried them out. After the initial adjusting and getting them set correctly. I was very impressed how well they lived up to my expectations. I spent the weekend trying them out in different situations. Working, driving, mowing the lawn, going to church, sitting and standing. They worked well in all those situations. Many of which I have developed a real anxiety for even with suspenders. I am proud to say I felt confident enough to wear them to work today with 3 very important meetings to attend. I am grateful that I found this product. I am further grateful to know that it is provided by a man of faith. I was drawn to your product by your video. It is nice to know that you received the idea after much thought and prayer. Because that is how I found your product. I have recently been promoted which is a great thing but will also require me to attend many more one on one and large group meetings. My professional appearance is now more important than ever. The thought of suspenders and all of those problems has worried me significantly. My parents always taught me (as your video also stated) that you can pray for the big and the little things. Through prayer and studying it out, I found this product. Thank you!” – Mr. M.

“I Love the NoSaggs! On my feet as much as 7-8 hrs per day, wonderful, don’t have to keep pulling jeans back up!” – Jim

“James…Where have you been all my life!!!!! The NoSaggs suspender arrived on Thursday and I have been using it ever since… What a huge difference it makes… I am loving it!!!!!!” – Mike

“The “NoSaggs” are an answer to prayer. No more suspenders! Thanks so much. I’ll hang your cards up on our bulletin board at work. God bless you and all your endeavors.” – Mr. J

“I am a believer! Wearing it now. The product is amazing and I will wear it daily. I tried out the NoSaggs hidden belt & pant suspender two ways.

The first was for construction activities. Wearing heavy duty work pants while carrying a knife and flashlight on my belt I was frequently hiking up my pants. This has always been especially difficult when also wearing a tool belt. The NoSaggs hidden belt & pant suspender eliminated this completely.

The second testing method was wearing a pistol on my hip. It was outstanding for the standard belt holster outside of the pants. I was concerned to try the inside the pants concealed holster thinking the raised rib would interfere. I found the opposite was true. With my inside waist band holster for a pistol I found it tilted the grip into by body slightly which improved concealability while still having great accessibility. It always bugged me that the hammer and grip end show slightly through a tee shirt, but no more. More importantly this eliminated that telltale pants hike which tells everyone you are carrying because you grip the base of the gun to hike your pants. A dead giveaway. The NoSaggs hidden belt & pant suspender eliminated that problem for me with an all-day carry in town with many trips in and out of the truck. Amazing! Bottom line – This is a must for anyone wearing anything of weight on their belts. Law enforcement will love this. James – great product. Good luck.” – Bill M.